How to create your own slogan art

These days slogan art is everywhere and finding the right colour & wording pulled together in the right font is quite the mission. After spending hours on etsy & it became clear we needed to just make our own.

So here is how we did it…

  1. Ensure your photoshop canvas is the correct size to fit your frame.


2. Write out your slogan and lay it out to fit the page in your favourite font. We mixed up font sizes so it filled the space and used the font Bebas to make it easy to read.


3. Right click on the type layer and ‘rasterize the layer’

4. Use the magic wand tool too highlight all of the letters.


5. Right click on the selected area and click make into a work path


6. Layer over the image you want to use to make the fonts pattern

7. Highlight the path on the paths tab and click the dotted circle underneath ‘load path as selection’


8. Right click the selected area with the image layer highlighted and hit ‘layer via copy’

9. Unhide all of the other layers and you are left with your wall art. Save our as a high resolution jpeg and print.


10. If you want to use an image with the words cut out to white simply right click and choose ‘layer via cut’ then you can unhide that layer and you are left with something like the below.


It’s a great way of adding something more personal to your walls & shelves. The options are limitless but we found it much easier to use our favourite images, fonts & sayings than trawling through the endless pages online.


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