1st Year Allotment Preparations

Having bought a house that backs onto the parish council allotments we joined the list to get one as soon as moved in. Luckily after only 10 months of living here we got a call to go and view plot 15b. We were 6th on the list, with the five people above us passing up the plot due to the sheer amount of work needed to get it ready for planting.

Since October last year we’ve been popping down for an hour or so a week clearing out the beds and chopping down the huge cherry tree that simply attracted all the birds before you could ever get any fruit from it.

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At the same time we’ve been preparing our summer plants for the last few months filling our porch with seedlings. Tomatoes, cucumbers, courgette’s & salad leaves are a plenty in every spare bit of windowsill available.



Whilst they’ve been getting strong we’ve used a couple of beds in the allotment to plant out hardier vegetables.


After a few weeks of good weather the off cuts from the cherry tree & twigs that were laid around the plot were dry and ready to be burnt down. A couple of cheeky beers and a bonfire were the perfect way to end a long day of removing weeds and cutting down the super long grass that seems to appear just about everywhere.


After a 6 month transformation the plot is very nearly ready to become the new home to the many many seedlings filling our house. We are officially summer ready on plot 15b just waiting for the last frost to pass. Fingers crossed our first year as allotment owners brings us a huge crop of delicious vegetables to keep us going throughout the season.






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