Kiev, Ukraine – Sage Joan Travels


Europe is full of some of the most beautiful cities in the world. Without a gap year to explore them we’ve set about making sure we fit in as many long weekends across the continent as much as we can. As an avid Eurovision fan part of my Europe travelling adventures centre around one weekend a year in wherever the competition is held. Aside from it being a weekend of Eurovision joy it’s also a great way to see cities that potentially wouldn’t have been top of my travelling list. This years trip to Kiev in the Ukraine was exactly that and I’m so glad Eurovision led me and my best friend Holly there in May.

We travelled to the Ukraine for 4 days and had a jam packed evening schedule of everything Eurovision. This left us with two full days to fit in as many sites as possible. We travelled to the War Memorial Museum and set about exploring the many monuments and gardens within the area on the way towards the Motherland monument that sits on top of the memorial.

With a father that loves history I’ve visited many museums both within the UK & on any holidays we had as children abroad. I have to say of all of them the memorials in Kiev were the most incredible I’ve ever witnessed. The vastness of the monuments & the sheer beauty of how the entire area has been put together shows a level of national pride I haven’t witnessed before.

The museum is full of huge sheets of marble engraved with the names of more than 11,000 fallen soldiers highlighted in gold. Above them is an entire ceiling covered in metallic mosaic. Not forgetting that on top of the museum sits a 203 ft high stainless steel Motherland monument which is quite literally breathtaking. Here’s just a few pictures to show some of beauty that was within that area of Kiev.


I couldn’t write this post without giving a little mention to Lviv Croissants. There was one just by our hotel & we stopped there each morning to grab a coffee & croissant. I can’t recommend this place enough – they have outlets all over Kiev. Fresh croissants & coffee are the perfect way to start the day and every combination we tried was amazing.


Finally a little touch on the reason why we visited the city to begin with – Eurovision. Kiev were amazing hosts for this years contest. The stadium had an amazing atmosphere and the Eurovision village was full of fabulous spirits. Beers in Kiev average at around 80p with bites to eat coming in at around £1 so not having to worry about counting the pennies made it easy to get lost in the magic of the city. The metro works via a token system and each token allows you to travel to anywhere within the system – it converted to around 12p a journey.

As a fan it really is the most wonderful place to be. There’s no hate or prejudice at a Eurovision weekend everyone comes together to delight in wonderful European pop music. When you’re stood in a square thousands of miles away from home singing a song out loud in Hungarian and feeling completely content you can’t think of anywhere else you’d rather be.


All that’s left is to plan Portugal 2018. Cheers.


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