The Veggie Edit

Healthy but delicious vegetarian food

More of us are trying to have a bit less meat in our diets and the team at Sage Joan are no exception. There are loads of health benefits associated with eating a veg-heavy diet and it can even be a more cost-effective option than meat.

Being a vegetarian or vegan has become notably easier in recent years. My sister has been vegetarian since she was a kid and trying to find great veggie food in the 90s and early 00s was difficult. You were lucky to find more than one option on a menu and then it was probably a stuffed mushroom, pasta in tomato sauce or a goats cheese tart.


Having watched my sister suffer many an insipid meal over the years, I take vegetarian food seriously. We try to have dinner together once a week  and although Adam and I eat meat-free more than that, when my little sis is round, I try to dial it up.

The Veggie Edit is a collection of my vegetarian recipes/experiments that  I have cooked up.  Don’t make vegetarian food an after thought, with a bit of love, attention (and a lot of flavour), it can be something special. Check out the recipes here and try something new…



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