Huskey Camping, UK – Sage Joan Travels


When asked ‘do you want to go camping with husky dogs?’ I cleared my diary and said I’ll be there with wine. A few weeks ago we headed to Eagle Heights Foundation in Kent on a sunny Friday afternoon ready for some Husky cuddles.

The campsite has about 8 large tee-pee’s that sleep up to 4 all with little beds & mattresses ready for you to add you’re own bedding. In front of that is large fire pit facing out to the homes of all the husky dogs.

After arriving we ate a dinner of burgers cooked no the firepit. Once all the food is well cleaned away the Husky dogs can come out to play. Packs of 3 or 2 dogs came out beautifully happy for cuddles and play after having a thorough sniff round the camp site.

Couldn’t recommend this site and experience more for dog loving couples or small groups and we couldn’t help but want to share all the pictures of the beautiful dogs and site (and a few meerkats thrown in too).




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