Metallic Touches Around The Home

I really love cool toned colours & woods around the home. My three bed semi has become a home full of greys and blues. I’ve tried really hard in some rooms to choose a different palette but nothing sits quite right apart from the familiar tones of cornflower white & grey mist. (Yes I have favourite paint colours now). In the day I love things to look crisp and cool but I also love the warm glow of candlelight. I’m a natural magpie and wherever I am, I will be drawn to the shiny bronze, gold & copper items in a store. I’ve chosen a metallic tone or two for each room to ensure each space never feels too cold.

Lounge sagejoan_metallic_touches_buddhasagejoan_metallic_touches_copper_shadesagejoan_metallic_touches_hexagon_shelvessagejoan_metallic_touches_shelf_pictures

The lounge was the first room we decorated when we moved in. It was January 2016 and I would have happily painted the walls copper I was so obsessed with that colour. Luckily I bought a house with a man who is my voice of reason. We settled for cornflower white wall and lots of copper accessories in the lanterns, candles and light shade we choose. The first thing we ever bought together for the home was also a stunning copper buddha who takes pride of place on the lounge side table.




The kitchen is home to a mix of metallic tones mainly coppers and golds. I have by no means finished this space and when I have I plan to have bronze cupboard handles & marble worktops so the room comes together a little more. It’s my ongoing project whilst I debate a full remodel.


Spare room 


Gold is definitely at home within this space. I’ve had more fun in this small room it is home to my dressing table & a small single bed for when people stay. The gold works really well with the flamingo wallpaper and brings alive the other very white walls & bedding.



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