Bespoke Wedding Wax Seal

I have 4 notebooks on the go at any one time and an entire cupboard dedicated to all the ribbons, papers & craft materials I own. Stationery is one of my greatest loves so being able to design something bespoke for our wedding has been my favourite part of wedding planning so far. My wedding stationery pin board is one of my favourites amongst my wedding related pins. Wedding invites for me set the entire tone of a wedding and are really important to shaping the entire day.

Once my final designs are sent out next year I’ll do a full post on how I created my bespoke wedding invites but for now wanted to touch on something I’ve honestly had the most fun creating – our personalised wax seal.

I’ve always loved wax seals and I realised if you can’t create one for your wedding day – when the hell can you?


You can pick up generic seals on eBay for just a few pounds. However after finalising my wedding font I really wanted something in keeping with the rest of my stationery so wanted to create something bespoke. I went for a simple G&S design using our main font designed to be put on a 30mm stamp. Knocking it up in photoshop and simply saving as a PNG file I was ready to go.

I found this seller on etsy who would create one and deliver for just over £7. I honestly couldn’t fault the service of this seller it came in good time since it came from China and was really well crafted.


I found eBay to be the most reasonably priced for wax. These little nuggets are both neatly packaged and the easiest to use as you can work out how many nuggets are ideal for your size of seal and have the exact same amount each time. These sticks are a little tricker to get used too – it’s more of a two person job but they are so much cheaper. You can’t use candle wax (I did try) it just makes a huge mess and gets all stuck in the lettering.


Finally all you need is a little spoon like this one. For only a pound this made everything so much neater and easier to do. I found the amount of wax I needed was exactly one level spoonful so made using the sticks easier too. Also the little pourer on the side meant I could neatly place the wax where I needed it without it going everywhere.

How to: 

  1. Light a tealight
  2. Light your wax stick and let drip into the spoon or place the nuggets into the spoon and hold over the tealight. (I used one nugget and some stick as I found this melted everything really quickly and I wanted two tones to the wax)
  3. Pour onto the area you want to seal – be as neat as possible but I did find a little few drips made a nice touch too.
  4. Press the seal into the wax and leave for about 20 seconds (you can get melting the next one whilst it sets)
  5. Peel off the stamp and reveal your beautiful design

I couldn’t be happier with the end result. In the end I went for one bronze nugget and a little bit of gold for the save the dates but did try some white wax too which will definitely be making an appearance on my final invites. It’s the most satisfying of crafts and I can’t wait to wax seal more items in the new year as we finish off our stationery.



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