Preparing for a Puppy: Shopping List

In the run up to Lars & Monty coming home we’ve been scouring the internet & reading all of the books to work out the best things to get and do ready for their arrival. Finding everything we need hasn’t actually been the easiest so we thought a compilation of our puppy starter packs would be a great welcome for Lars & Monty onto Sage Joan.

  • Harnesses – Cockapoos in particular can grow to a variety of sizes we’ve picked up XS, S, M & L to cover us for the first year. You can get them on eBay for a few pound each.
  • Leads – extendable & normal
  • Collar – previous experience has shown us puppies will probably chew their first collar someway or another so again we just picked up a cheap one until he’s fully trained.
  • Food–  a small bag of what he’s being weened on with his breeder & the food of choice to gradually introduce it
  • Puppy Pads/ Newspaper – there’s so much on the internet on both sides of the fence. We picked up a small pack of puppy pads to see how we get on
  • Food & Water Bowls 
  • Pen/ Crate – somewhere that’s his own space & for him to not be able to cause too much mischief in
  • Puppy shampoo – to get him used to bath time
  • Toys – specially designed for puppies so they last a little while at least
  • Chews – Nylabones are a brand of plastic bone specially designed to meet a puppies chewing needs. Puppies will chew! So the more things you can provide for them to chew on, the better.
  • Poo bags & dispenser
  • Blankets – we dropped one with his mum so he’ll have something in his play pen that smells familiar
  • Bed
  • ID Tags
  • Anti-Chew Spray – again there’s mixed reviews on these but we thought it was worth a go to hopefully save our dining room chairs from too many teeth marks
  • Car Lead – my car is too small to have him in the boot so a lead that slots into the seatbelt holder will mean I can take him out and about in a few months without worrying about him jumping forward into the front when I’m driving
  • Dog Brush – again to get him used to being groomed and to keep him all neat & tidy

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