The Perfect Summertime Frozen Margarita

My favourite Friday night is  good movie and all the margaritas. I’ve been known to spice up a margarita with a little passion fruit or raspberry syrup – but in all honesty I like them pure and simple the most so after drinking many variations here’s my recipe for the perfect summertime frozen margarita:


  • 50cl Tequila
  • 25cl Cointreau (if you like it strong) or Triple Sec (for a slightly less alcoholic concoction & the same taste)
  • Lots of Ice
  • Juice of two limes
  • Dash of sugar syrup (I like my cocktails sweet – my boyfriend never has sugar syrup)


  • Pop all the ingredients into a smoothie blender
  • Blitz until smooth
  • Salt the rim of a margarita glass
  • Pour into the glass
  • Add another squeeze of lime and garnish with it

If you don’t like them too strong you can swop to 25cl of Tequila and add a dash of soda water. Equally a spoon of passionfruit post blending is just the perfect final touch in my opinion.

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