Sausage Dog Holiday

It’s no secret that here at Sage Joan we LOVE dogs. Big dogs, small dogs, fluffy dogs, slinky dogs – we love them all. So when Mr P said we were looking after a sausage dog for two weeks for someone he works with, I couldn’t have been happier.

Belle the slinky sausage dog is less than a year old so we thought that 1. she’d be a super cute house guest and 2.  it would be great experience for us in the run up to the Sage Joan pups arriving.


The first day she arrived we wanted to make her feel as “at home” as possible. Leaving your furry friends while you go on holiday is part of most dog-owners lives. It’s hard leaving them, and for your four legged pals, it can be rubbish being left. Our sausage friend certainly liked lots of cuddles and attention while she was with us, but we were more than happy to oblige with all the fuss she wanted.

IMG_0190 (1)

We were going to a wedding during the time we had our house guest. A beautiful summer wedding in the New Forest. The team at Sage Joan had a perfect day sipping prosecco watching our lovely friend marry her man at the stunning Bell Inn. As well as delicious food and a beautiful, romantic setting, The Bell Inn is a dog friendly hotel. Complete with hotel rooms designed for guests of the canine persuasion. After a wonderful day, the evening guests started to arrive and a slinky sausage was amongst them!


She was beautifully behaved and a big hit with the guests young and old. The Sage Joan team have been reading lots of puppy books in the run up to the Sage Joan pups arriving. Everything stresses the importance of socialising dogs so that they can be taken into all sorts of situations and behave well. Our sausage friend was certainly a fantastic example of the benefits of great socialisation.



Over the two weeks, we had lots of lovely walks in the woods and enjoyed cuddles all night watching Gilmore Girls.  We had BBQs at my parents (where Belle was snuggled senselessly by the whole family), rainy afternoons at our local pub and sunny days snoozing in the garden. The only activity she didn’t enjoy was blackberry picking – too much waiting around for us to find the juicy ones!


I had to be in London for work over a couple of the days we were dog sitting. Luckily the other half of the Sage Joan team stepped in for babysitting duties. Georgina and Belle went for long walks in the woods, got flirted with by a giant dog called Frank, and barked like a mad-woman at the postman (Belle, not Georgina).

Dachshund puppy sleeping

Our two weeks of dog sitting was so much fun. It was great to be reminded of how fantastic it is to have a furry friend in your life, but also what a big commitment they are.  Dogs love us and rely on us to take care of them and in return they love us unconditionally.  It’s an honour to have a dog’s affection and our duty to look after them. After our fantastic time dog sitting Belle, team Sage Joan are impatiently awaiting the arrival of the Sage Joan pups Monty & Lars.  We honestly can’t wait!




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