Introducing Lars & Monty – Cockapoo Puppies

Since the beginning of the year we’ve both been swooning over puppies – literally ALL the puppies. As keen dog sitters (literally we’ll look after your mum’s friend’s neighbour’s dog) it really hit home this year that one of our own was the next step in adulthood. With homes of our own & jobs where we’re lucky enough to live both locally to the office & work from home regularly it was time. We’ve joked for ages about how nice it would be having dogs from the same litter so they could hang out with the other one when our working from home days differed. Charlie has always been set on having a Cockapoo but myself & Steve (lovers of all dogs) found settling on a breed a little harder.

Our dream is to have lots of lands with beagles or golden retrievers running around all day long. However, for now we needed a dog that didn’t make Steve sneeze all day long (he sneezes really loudly) and also a dog that wasn’t too big for our 3-bed semi. Cockapoo’s having coats that malt very little & that grow to a small/ medium size ended up being the perfect fit. The fact that their little cheeky bear like faces instantly have my heart was also a little bit part of the winning formula too.

We emailed lots of breeders over a few months and luckily one came back to us in June letting us know she had a litter ready in July and to hold on for an email of their arrival. Born on the 17th July a litter of 8 were ready for a first visit just a few weeks later. Luckily, we had our heart set on a chocolate boy and with only one matching this description in the litter choosing our forever pup came easily. Charlie had a little more difficulty choosing between an apricot boy or girl – an hour and 20 minutes later she decided to have a little boy would the perfect addition so met her match.

Skip forward a few visits & many texts discussing which dog food to buy along with a host of ‘only 17 days to go’ exchanges – the 9th of September has come around and its finally time for our fur babies to come home. They’ll be back soon letting you know how their first few weeks of settling in has gone but for now we wanted to welcome them to the team with the story so far and of course a couple of heart melting pictures.

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